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Licensing SeeScore


Different features of the API are separately licensed allowing you maximum flexibility to pay for only those parts you need.

The unlicensed evaluation SDK comes with all features enabled (some with time limits) for evaluation, and displays a red ‘watermark’ overlaid on the score. On receipt of payment for a licence a key file will be provided which removes the watermark and provides the required features.

A licence once purchased does not expire. New versions with bugs fixed and new features can be downloaded, and the purchased features will continue to work, or a new key will be supplied free of charge to maintain the purchased features.

It is not necessary to purchase a licence for the  display feature if you don’t wish to display score. A licence for the synth feature on its own enables you to play MusicXML files without displaying them.

Any app using SeeScore should display an acknowledgement in the UI and in the documentation with the text: “SeeScore MusicXML rendering is used under license from Dolphin Computing”.


A demo (‘Lite’) version of a licensed app is licensed at no extra cost. A second platform or second app with the same licence will be charged at 90% of the original price. Subsequent apps/platforms for 80%.


single part displays any single part of a MusicXML file

multipart displays any parts or all parts of a MusicXML file

score contents provides access to the positions of notes and other items in the displayed score

score contents + detail provides access to the positions of, and detailed information (pitch, duration etc) about notes and other items in the displayed score

play data provides access to the midi-style play data. You can iterate bars in play order accounting for repeats, and access notes with midi pitch values and start times and durations in milliseconds accounting for score and user-defined tempo.

synth (iOS and OS X only) allows you to play the score using sampled sounds and includes the play data feature. Piano samples are supplied, other instruments samples can be supplied by you or can be purchased from Dolphin Computing.

item colouring allows specification of items to recolour on draw.  The score contents feature is required also to use this

midi allows you to create a MIDI file from the play data, effectively converting MusicXML to MIDI.

midi synth (iOS only) Play the MIDI file with support for standard sound fonts

play looping allows setup of a repeat between two bars so that it will repeatedly play between those bars

Other features

Other features are available or may be developed. Please enquire using the support page

Sample prices

GBP, single app, single platform

Please contact us for a quotation for your requirements

Academic licence

Academic users wishing to use SeeScore should enquire about academic licensing

Identification text

Below are some samples of how the ident might appear, though the exact size/font style is not guaranteed and may be subject to change, and variation between platforms.

ident1 has a large text identification at the bottom of the score:


ident2 has a small text identification at the bottom of the score:


ident3 has the app name, company name or a unique code at the bottom of the score in a small font: