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SeeScore for developers

Introducing SeeScore MusicXML SDK

SeeScore is built around a cross-platform MusicXML rendering engine – SeeScoreLib, which is available for use under licence. The API is rich, providing functions to control the score display – scaling, parts, transposition, colouring, and also information about the score – detailed graphical information, and score play information. It’s easy to get started on your logic, and let SeeScore do the tricky score rendering!


Information about the graphical positioning of elements is available so your app can respond intelligently to taps or mouse clicks on the score. Also most elements can be individually coloured under control of your app.


The API provides midi-compatible information for playing the score, with note pitches and timings in milliseconds. Bars (measures) are ordered correctly accounting for repeated sections and DC, DS and Fine instructions. Timings account for sound tempo and metronome instructions embedded in the score and also the API allows for user adjustment of the tempo. All the difficult work is done with tempo changes and repeats, and you just get a stream of midi note values and times in milliseconds.

Optical Music Recognition

ReadScoreLib is a lightning fast, highly accurate, cross-platform Optical Music Recognition Library with a simple API, which generates Midi and MusicXML from an image of a score. The MusicXML is compatible with SeeScore, and it  is available under licence to developers. Licensing details are here. You can evaluate the performance by downloading the PlayScore 2 app for iOS and Android.

SeeScoreLib Features

Sample code provided

Ready to download?

You can freely download the SeeScore SDK for iOS, OS X, Android or Windows and see how easy it is to display flexible, high quality and lightning fast MusicXML score rendering in your own app. Documentation, a score view and a sample app are provided for each platform you to build from. The unlicensed version displays a faint red ‘watermark’ which is removed when you buy a licence key.

Feel free to download without filling in your details if you prefer. You can just play with the sample app and see what’s possible.

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