SeeScore News

SeeScore News

August 2020. Release of new SeeScore 2 for iOS

May 2020. Update of PlayScore 2

January 2019. Release of new PlayScore 2 for iOS

September 2015. Launch of PlayScore (was CamraScore) for iOS and Android

January 2015. Launch of CamraScore for iOS and Android. Available now in App Store and Google Play Store. NB You should test your device compatibility with the free CamraScore Lite.

August 2014. Launch of our new website at

Developer News

April 2021. Work continues to improve SeeScore. Download the latest to see. A shortage of news in this column does not imply lack of development in SeeScore, but lack of blogging skills of the developer!

July 2016. We have had a lot of interest in the SeeScore SDK in China, so we have opened an office in Dalian, China for developer support. See

June 2016. Coming soon! Watch out for a new release of the iOS SDK with MusicXML editing. Contact us if you are interested in a demo.

October 2015. The SeeScore SDK Version 2.12 is now available with iOS 9 compatibility

February 2015. The SeeScore SDK Version 1.96 is now available for Windows Desktop (GDI+) with C# sample app as well as Windows 8.1 (Direct2D) with C++ sample app. Both are  packaged in the Windows download.

August 2014. Version 1.9 of the SeeScore SDK is now available.

March 2014. Version 1.8 of the SeeScore SDK for iOS has now been released. Go to the developers page for free download.

January 2014. Version 1.7 of the SeeScore SDKs for iOS, OS X and Android have now been released. Go to the developers page for free downloads.

For more information on the SeeScore SDKs and incorporating SeeScore’s music rendering capabilities into your application please visit our developers page or contact support.

SeeScore for iPad news

August 2020. Release of new SeeScore 2 supports iPhone as well as iPad

October 2015. The iOS 9 compatible version is released on the App Store

October 2014. The iOS 8 compatible version is released on the App Store

22 September 2014. The new version has appeared on the app store, but now there is a problem with iOS 8 and the on-screen keyboard. We will correct this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

4 September 2014. We apologise that there is a serious crash in SeeScore 2.2.0 on some devices. We have submitted a fix to Apple which should appear shortly on the App Store.

August 2014. Version 2.2.0 is available on the App Store, including many improvements to the layout and a set of new instruments.